Looking for help!

calculated.gg is looking for helpful volunteers! Come work with the most exciting group in Rocket League. To work with us, join our Discord and let us know what you would like to work on. We have the following positions open:

Replay Parser Developer

Languages required: Rust or C++

This position is mainly for carball (our open-source replay parser). We are in the midst of a rewrite so that it is much faster than the Python implementation. We’re also making our own replay deserializer in Rust to move away from rattletrap.

Frontend Developer

Languages/Frameworks required: React and Typescript

You will work with the frontend codebase that powers everything you and thousands of others interact with. Lots of stuff to do here, including implementing new features (private replays, etc).

Analytics Specialist

Languages required: Python and/or Typescript

Analyzing how people use the site, and what features are most used and most useful. Requires a background in Python and/or Typescript for facilitating interactions between them.

Data Scientist

Languages required: Python/R or other related language

For projects similar to posts on our blog. Data is available from more than half a million games and we don’t have enough people to wrangle it effectively. This is the main area where we have room for growth.We would love to have coders and writers work with us to publish interesting articles about Rocket League Esports.


Works with data scientists to publish their work if needed. Requires a sufficient technical background.