Expected Goals in Rocket League
Return of the Winners

TL;DR at bottom Previously… Part I was the origin story for the expected goals (xG) model, while Part II covered the stats in detail. Makings of a Winner  Here, we will take a look at what characterises a winning team and draw some conclusions about where Rocket League. This article will make references to stats […]

Expected Goals in Rocket League
The Data Strikes Back

TL;DR at bottom Previously… The first article of the series (basically the origin story for the model) can be found here. To summarise, I’ve trained an expected goals (xG) model and applied it to RLCS Season 6 League Play. The calculated stats and visualisations are here:    2D shot charts: https://imgur.com/a/iegdnoi    3D interactive shot chart: http://blog.calculated.gg/files/xG.html    […]

Expected Goals in Rocket League
A New Stat

TL;DR at bottom Expected goals: An introduction What is an expected goal? Expected goals (xG) is a stat (commonly used in football and hockey) that quantifies the quality of a scoring opportunity (a chance). For every shot in every game, the probability of that shot becoming a goal is predicted. In the simplest of models, […]

If RLCS Season 1 players were transported to 2019, what rank would they be?

This is a very interesting problem, since the skill level at the professional level has clearly gone up. We’ve had similar ideas floating around the calculated.gg developer Discord for a while. Then, recently, there was a reddit post on this topic on /r/RocketLeagueEsports:  The general consensus in the post was that they would be around […]