Expected Goals in Rocket League
Return of the Winners

TL;DR at bottom Previously… Part I was the origin story for the expected goals (xG) model, while Part II covered the stats in detail. Makings of a Winner  Here, we will take a look at what characterises a winning team and draw some conclusions about where Rocket League. This article will make references to stats […]

Expected Goals in Rocket League
A New Stat

TL;DR at bottom Expected goals: An introduction What is an expected goal? Expected goals (xG) is a stat (commonly used in football and hockey) that quantifies the quality of a scoring opportunity (a chance). For every shot in every game, the probability of that shot becoming a goal is predicted. In the simplest of models, […]

If RLCS Season 1 players were transported to 2019, what rank would they be?

This is a very interesting problem, since the skill level at the professional level has clearly gone up. We’ve had similar ideas floating around the calculated.gg developer Discord for a while. Then, recently, there was a reddit post on this topic on /r/RocketLeagueEsports:  The general consensus in the post was that they would be around […]